How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser on iOS & Android?

There’s not much difference between DApps and normal apps. DApps run on blockchains, but that’s it. DApps can, however, be used by connecting a crypto wallet to them. Trust Wallet can be used for this purpose. Now the question is, how do I enable the trust wallet browser?

Using decentralized applications such as Mobox, PancakeSwap, SPELLFIRE, and others will be impossible without enabling the DApp browser on Trust Wallet.

In addition, enabling Trust wallet browser on Android is quite simple since you can do it in the settings. However, you cannot enable trust wallet browser on iPhone by following the same steps as for Android.

You need not worry, as in this article I will share a step-by-step guide on how you can enable the DApp browser on your Trust wallet for iOS and Android.

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser On Android?

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser On IOS & Android?

It’s extremely easy to enable Trust Browser on Android, as we mentioned earlier. An option is available in menu.

You can enable it by following the steps below:

  • Open Trust Wallet on your Android device.
  • Click to your settings.
Trust Browser Enable
  • Under Preferences, Select DApp browser.

Trust Browser Enable
  • Turn it on (Enable).
Trust Browser Enable

From the bottom menu, tap DApps once the feature has been enabled. Then, select the DApp you wish to use and follow all the steps for connecting Trust Wallet to the DApp.

How To Enable Trust Wallet Browser on iPhone?

You may have a hard time enabling the browser in Trust wallet’s iOS app. Trust Wallet has announced on Twitter that the DApp browser has been removed from the iOS version of its wallet. The Trust wallet browser for iPhone cannot be enabled as a result.

How can this be resolved?

DApps can only be connected manually to your Trust wallet iOS app as a workaround. This tutorial demonstrates how PancakeSwap is connected to TrustWallet.

Basically, you need to follow these steps:

  • From your iPhone/iPad, launch the Safari web browser.
  • Open the website.
  • Select Trust Wallet from the list of available wallets by clicking the Connect Wallet button from the top.
Trust Browser Enable
  • Trust Wallet will be launched once you select Trust once again.
Trust Browser Enable
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to accept PancakeSwap’s connection request, tap the Connect button to accept the connection request.
Trust Browser Enable
  • You should be able to use PancakeSwap after connecting to the Internet.
Trust Browser Enable

There is only one difference: you no longer have to use your Trust Wallet to connect with DApps. In its place, you can use Safari.

Why Trust wallet doesn’t have browser?

Trust Wallet announced in June 2021 that the DApp browser would be completely removed from iOS devices. However, the feature remains available for Android.
According to the App Store guidelines, this was a necessary change. As a result, Trust Wallet is still compatible with Apple devices.

Why trust://browser_enable not working?

iOS devices, Trust://browser_enable will no longer work. In order to comply with Apple’s App Store Rules, Trust Wallet’s iOS app has had this feature removed.

Why is DApps not showing on trust wallet?

According to the Apple store review guideline 4.7, Trust Wallet had to remove the DApps browser from its iOS app. Trust Wallet is not equipped with a DApp browser feature like the Android app.
As a result, users had to manually enable browser support using trust://browser_enable link. However, this feature will no longer be available with version 6.0.


Here is how to enable trust wallet browser on iOS and Android. The Android app for Trust wallet is straightforward in terms of using DApps. On the other hand, things are a bit more confusing on iOS. Therefore, if you have an Android phone lying around your house, I would recommend using it.

Anyway, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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